Frequently asked questions about Home try on

How does Home try on work?

Choose up to 4 frame and/ or sunglasses and add them to your Home try on cart and place an order. After receiving you can try them on for 7 days before sending all the frames back.

Try your frames with different outfits and hairstyles or have fun with friends and family!

How much it costs?

It's entirely FREE! During check out you will be asked for a depozit payment of only 15% of the value of the frames. After we receive the frames back, your deposit payment will be returned to your bank account.

How do I ship it back?

Don't worry because shipping is covered both ways by us. After you are done with trying on the frames, just put them back in the box and add the attached address label. Scan the label at your nearest parcel machine and lock it behind one of the doors.

I like one of the frames from my Home try on, how do I order glasses?

We're glad to hear you have found your perfect fit! The process stays the same- send back all of the frames (including the one you like) and place an order in the website for your new glasses. So easy!

The frame I like from my Home try on is sold out, what do I do?

No worries, just contact our customer support and we will make this work.

I don't like any frame from my Home try on.

We understand how hard it can be to find the perfect fit. Send back your Home try on and order a new one!

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