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How to buy perfect glasses online?


1. Choose your frame.

– Pick as many as you like and try online. See which ones suit you best with the help of our virtual try-on tool.

– Try them at home. Select up to 4 pairs of frames, and we will deliver them to your selected address for free. Keep the frames for as long as 7 days – try at home, ask around your friends and family to see what they think.

2. Enter your prescription details.

3. Select lenses which suit your needs the best.

4. Enjoy your new glasses!

5. If for any reason, you do not feel completely satisfied, you can return your eyeglasses for free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to read prescription?

Recommendation to get an eye exam no later than a year before you ordering new glasses.

How to read your correction values:

Sphere (Sph) – this indicates the amount of lens power measured in diopters (in 0.25 steps).

(+) can be found in front of the value if you are farsighted and

(-) if you are nearsighted.

Pupillary distance (PD) – the distance between the center of each pupil, measured in millimeters. It tells the optician where to put the optical center on each lens. This value is often written as a single number between 56-75 mm (for adults).

Cylinder (Cyl) – only for astigmatism. The amount of astigmatism that is caused by an irregularly shaped cornea, measured in diopters (in 0,25 steps). If there is no cylinder, your eyes are perfectly spherical.

Axis (Ax) – only for astigmatism. The direction of astigmatism, measured in degrees (0-180).

Addition (ADD) – if you are over 40, you are likely to see ADD on your prescription – that's the difference between near and far values. Often the same for both eyes. For multifocal glasses.

If you are considering purchasing multifocal lenses, it is advised to pay a visit to our optical store, so we could make some measurements, and ensure the best possible comfort.

Will it fit me?


– Try glasses online. Take advantage of 3D technology and try your glasses virtually with our smart shopping feature. All you need is a camera!



– Select up to 4 frames and add them to your Try At Home cart and we'll deliver them to you at no cost.

– Try them at home or take wherever you feel comfortable. Get feedback from others. You can keep the frames with you for 7 days.

– Send all the frames back in the box we have provided using prepaid return label. Then order your favorite, and we'll get you a brand new pair with your custom lenses. Simple as that!

Digital screen protection


• BLUEPRO protects your eyes from harmful blue light and dangerous UV rays

• BLUEPRO hold on about 95% of the harmful blue light spectrum (HEV – high energy visible) until 420 nm

• BLUEPRO blocks 100% of UV rays (till 400 nm)

• Smart product which transmits even 85% of useful blue lightning

• Even blocking the UV rays BLUEPRO lenses do not distort the colors and it looks natural These lenses are transparent, light, thin, with a very light residual yellow tint and no blue reflection.

They contain light-absorbing molecules able to protect against the harmful effects of blue light.

Sensitive eye protection

Self-tinting lenses:

– "Transitions Signature VII" progressively darken or lighten upon spontaneous change of light intensity. The lenses are clear indoors and at night.

– A practical choice that looks good and offers a 100% UV protection.

– "Transitions XTRActive" are recommended for drivers as they darken without direct contact to UV, which means that, on a sunny day, they will darken even if you are sitting in a car.

Book an eye test

For your lenses to be as comfortable as possible, an individual prescription with your personal correcting value is required. It is advised that the prescription is no older than a year. Please note that your left and right eye might have different corrective values! If you do not currently have a prescription, or if it is older than a year, you can book an eye test with us online and visit our store when it is convenient for you.

Lens types

Lenses are typically single- or multi-vision and each person has different needs. It is crucial for your comfort while wearing glasses, so please follow the prescription of your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Lens thickness

The thickness of the lens is described with a lens index. The more dioptres, the higher should be the index, as it will make the lens thinner and lighter, which will result in more comfort and a better look.

Lens coating

Lenses can have different coatings for different lifestyles. Choose the one that suits you the most.

Cleaning & Maintenance

– Right cleaning and always keeping glasses in the hard case will ensure a long-lasting pair of glasses.

– Eyeglasses should be put on and taken off using both hands.

– Make sure your hands are clean before you start cleaning the lenses. Use a microfibre cloth and alcohol-free liquid lens cleaner or disposable wet wipes. Gently rub both sides of the lenses and all parts of the frame.

– Never use jumpers or other clothing for cleaning your glasses. The abrasive particles create tiny scratches and a small amount of damage that builds up over time.

– If you don't have any cleaning materials on hand, we recommend you clean your eyeglasses with warm water and wipe them down with a paper towel.

– The coating of the eyeglass lenses may be damaged by heat. When exposed to a high temperature, the coating may crack or peel off. Since heat may also deform the frame, you should never expose your eyeglasses to direct sunlight or hot surfaces, take them with you when going to a bath, or leave them in the car on a hot day.

– Protect your eyeglasses from sharp objects and salty water.

– Eyeglass lenses and frames may be damaged by acetone, hair spray, perfume, insect repellents. Never use chemical substances as they might damage the coating or the frame.

– Top tip: don't wear your glasses on top of your head, as this will stretch out the legs and make them loose!

Ordering process


After choosing your frames, lens, and coating type, we strongly recommend you double-check all selections to avoid any mistakes. Afterward, enter your payment information in our secure checkout portal. We will ship your order for free, and you will receive it in 3-4 working days.


Try frames / sunglasses at home


– Select up to 4 frames and add them to your Try At Home cart and we'll deliver them to you at no cost.

– Try them at home or take wherever you feel comfortable. Get feedback from others. You can keep the frames with you for 7 days.

– Send all the frames back in the box we have provided using prepaid return label. Then order your favorite, and we'll get you a brand new pair with your custom lenses. Simple as that!


Delivery & Returns


1. In Latvia, shipping is entirely free. At Smart Vision, we offer free delivery to your chosen address on all merchandise.

2. Shipping delays might occasionally occur for various reasons. Please ensure you have entered your address correctly and pay extra attention to accents, spaces, and punctuation. If you have chosen to receive your order at a company address, please ensure the company name is stated clearly in the address. 

3. In case of a shipping delay, please contact us or the courier for the most recent updates. Please note that, in case of changes made after ordering, the delivery date might change. SmartVision.com does not take responsibility for any damage that occurs during shipping or lost items.



At Smart Vision, our main goal is to produce glasses as close to perfection as possible, ensuring they match your prescription and any needs completely. We are sure that you will feel satisfied with our product. If for a certain reason, you are not satisfied with it, we are happy to provide you with a full refund. Here is how our return process works:

1. Sign in to your account and click the "Return" box,

2. Select the item you wish to return, 

3. Let us know the reason for the return:

- Glasses with defects;

- Glasses don't fit;

- Late delivery;

- Other.  

4. Ship to our shop on Riga, Aspazijas 24.

5. Once you have filled the return form and checked if the data provided is correct, click the "Confirm" button and print out the form.

6. Include the return form when shipping the items you wish to return. Use the return label. All items must be returned in their unworn, original condition, in the original case, include the eyeglass case, and a lens cleaning cloth. Please ensure that the original postage label is completely covered and invisible.

7. Ship the parcel via your chosen method. You will receive two confirmation e-mails: – one immediately after clicking "Confirm", – another immediately after the return has reached us. In case the team will have any questions, they will contact you once more. Your refund will be processed within 14 working days after receiving the return. The money will be credited back to the original payment method. 


I can't see well with my new glasses, is anything wrong?

Your eyes need some time to adjust to new glasses, and it might take even longer if the dioptres in the new glasses are different than in the ones you've had before. The habituation period can take up to a week for single vision glasses and two to three weeks for multifocal glasses. If you do not feel comfortable with your new glasses, we advise trying wearing your glasses for three days in a row.

This will provide your eyes the time needed to adjust. In most cases, any discomfort disappears after this time. It is also crucial for your glasses to be positioned correctly on your face, so the focal point is where it needs to be. It is advised that you get your glasses adjusted professionally for a perfect fit. We offer such service at our stores completely free and there is no need to book an appointment in advance.

If visiting our store is not convenient for you, try your local optician, who will be able to help, although some charge a small fee. If you still do not feel satisfied, the problem may be in your prescription, and we would then invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our opticians to discuss any complaints and have a new eye test done. If the problem is identified as that of prescription, we will replace the lenses free of charge within 30 days after the date of receipt.

What is my order status?

Your order status is displayed in your Smart Vision account. Here, you will also find other recent orders and the expected delivery date. The latter is also in the confirmation email that we sent you after placing the order.

Can I have my order delivered to your store?

Of course. When you are choosing the delivery options, simply pick the delivery to our store that is most convenient for you. We will send you an email as soon as we have received your order.

I have my new multifocal glasses inside, but the view is very unnatural, why is it?

It always takes time to get used to new glasses. If it is your first pair of multifocal glasses, here are some tips that will help to ensure that you can comfortably enjoy your new glasses. Firstly, you need to adjust to individual viewing zones. The lower part of the lens is for looking at things within short distances, while the upper part should be used for looking at farther distances. Point the tip of your nose at the point you wish to see and keep your chin up while reading to ensure you are looking through the right part of the lens. Unlike single vision lenses, multifocal ones are sharper in certain areas than others, so some blur and distortions might appear. Adjusting to new glasses can take from a few hours to a few weeks. You should also ensure that your glasses are sitting at the right place on your face – we can do it for you free of charge at our stores.

I'm interested in the glasses that change to sunglasses when you go outside. Can you tell me more about them?

These lenses are called photochromic or self-tinting and it is our Transitions Signature line. When exposed to sun's UV rays, photochromic lenses darken and become sunglasses. When no longer exposed to UV, they become clear again. Photochromic lenses are great for those that wear glasses for the most of their days, go outside often, and don't wish to bother with constantly changing to prescription sunglasses.

Do have in mind that photochromic lenses don't darken very much inside your car, because the windshield (sunroof) glass used in vehicles blocks most of the ultraviolet radiation that initiates the darkening process on the lens. If you would like to purchase a pair of prescription photochromic lenses for driving, choose Transitions XTRActive that change color without direct contact with UV radiation. Usually, the lenses get darker by up to 53% when in the car.

What does PL/Planum mean on my eye prescription?

Does that stand for good or bad of my eyes?

If your prescription for both eyes is Planum or PL, your eyesight is perfect and you don't need to wear eyeglasses. The prescription shows the results of your eye test and whether your vision needs corrections. Minus means you are myopic, and plus is referred to as hyperopic. The PL means planum – no prescription or, simply, zero. Do not forget that your eyes can be different, and one eye being Planum does not mean that the other is the same.

Are products and offers different in the physical and online stores?

No, products and offers are the same in both physical and online stores. Current offers can be seen on our homepage.

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